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John D.
Orlando | USA

"I've never seen a project get as much effort put into it as this team has. Incredible value and they're really attentive."

Yori N.
Los Angeles | USA

"Excellent! I can only speak highly of Bnbninja. they're intelligent, hard workers, and they made everything simple for me."

Vicoria A.
Miami | USA

"I wish I could give these guys 10 stars. I've never had to explain anything. They simply understood and went above and beyond what I expected."

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We provide a wide range of services for Airbnb hosts, resorts, hotels & hospitality businesses designed to increase bookings, guest satisfaction and reduce commissions to OTAs.

Direct booking website

Take your short-term rental business to the next level with our affordable website design service. We'll create a direct booking site that's tailored to your needs, whether you rent on Airbnb or run a hotel or guest house.
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Channel manager setup

Get your properties listed on all the popular OTAs such as Airbnb, Booking.com, Expedia, VRBO, and many more with our comprehensive Channel Manager OTA installation service. Our service not only saves you time and effort but also provides you with huge exposure.
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Airbnb listing optimization

Maximize your Airbnb's potential with our comprehensive listing optimization service. Our dedicated copywriting team will craft engaging content that will not only attract more visitors but also increase your ranking on Airbnb's search engine.
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Airbnb message templates

Effortlessly improve your Airbnb communication and earn more 5-star reviews with our message template service. Our pre-written message templates cover all the scenarios you'll encounter as a host, allowing you to save time and communicate more effectively with guests.
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Airbnb welcome book

Our Personalized Airbnb Welcome Book service helps you increase guest satisfaction and maintain a high rating. With our welcoming Airbnb house manual templates, you can be the best host and provide your guests with all the necessary information they need for a comfortable stay.
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Discover real case studies of client success stories from those we've helped improve their vacation rental business with more bookings and a smoother management process.
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2 properties
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Meet Mike, 

a successful property manager from sunny Orlando, Florida. With over a decade of experience in the vacation rental industry, Mike expertly manages an impressive portfolio of 25 properties in the area.

When Mike approached us for help, he was struggling to maintain an occupancy rate of just 58% by only listing on Airbnb. Despite his best efforts, he couldn't seem to attract more guests to his rental properties.

That's when we introduced him to our comprehensive Channel Manager OTA installation service. Our team listed all of his properties on over 10 popular OTAs, including Booking.com, Expedia, and VRBO, and optimized each listing to maximize their visibility and appeal.

Within just a few weeks of using our service, Mike's occupancy rate skyrocketed to an impressive 95%. The number of bookings increased significantly, as did his revenue. Our service not only saved Mike time but also provided him with comprehensive management of all his listings from a single dashboard.

Mike was thrilled with the results and recommends our service to any host looking to increase their bookings and revenue. With our help, he was able to take his rental properties to the next level and achieve the success he had been dreaming of.
Meet Anna, a vacation rental host from sunny Miami, Florida. Anna owns and manages two beautiful vacation rental properties in the heart of the city and had been relying on popular OTAs like Airbnb and Booking.com to generate bookings. However, she was frustrated with the high commission fees she had to pay every time she received a booking through these platforms.

Anna reached out to us for a solution to her problem. We offered our direct booking website creation service, where we designed and developed a personalized website exclusively for her vacation rental properties. Our team worked closely with Anna to ensure that the website design reflected the unique charm and features of her properties.

We provided her with our direct booking website creation service, which allowed us to design and create a website for her vacation rental properties. Our team worked closely with Anna to ensure that the website design reflected the unique charm and features of her properties. 

We also integrated a direct booking engine into the website, allowing Anna to accept reservations directly from her guests without having to pay any commission fees to OTAs. This not only saved Anna thousands of dollars each month in commission fees, but it also allowed her to build a stronger relationship with her guests and receive repeat bookings.
Meet Harold, a vacation rental host from the bustling city of Dallas, Texas. Harold manages three beautiful apartments in the city and had been struggling to provide prompt and effective communication with his guests on Airbnb. He knew that quick and friendly responses could lead to positive reviews, but he didn't have the time to write personalized messages to every guest.

That's when Harold discovered our Airbnb message templates service. With our pre-designed and customizable templates, Harold was able to quickly and easily communicate with his guests, providing them with all the necessary information and making them feel welcomed before they even arrived.

Using our service, Harold was able to become a Super Host in just three months. His guests appreciated the timely and friendly communication, resulting in a high rate of positive reviews. Thanks to our Airbnb message templates, Harold was able to save time and provide a superior guest experience, leading to increased bookings and revenue for his vacation rental properties.
Meet Maria, a vacation rental host with a beautiful home located just outside of San Francisco. As a conscientious host, Maria was always happy to answer any questions her guests had about the property and the area. However, this often meant spending a lot of time responding to inquiries and providing information to guests.

When Maria reached out to us for assistance, we recommended our Airbnb Welcome Book Template service. Our team provided her with a professionally designed welcome book that included all the information her guests would need during their stay. From check-in instructions to local recommendations, everything was included in the welcome book, making it easy for guests to access the information they needed without having to constantly message Maria.

The result was a significant reduction in conversation time, with Maria spending 50% less time answering questions and providing information. Her guests appreciated having all the information they needed in one place, and Maria was able to focus on other aspects of her vacation rental business. Thanks to our Welcome Book Template service, Maria was able to provide a better guest experience and improve her overall efficiency as a host.

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