Airbnb Welcome Book Templates: Save Time & Impress your Guests

Save time on communication and impress your guests with a stunning welcome book (house manual - guidebook) template for your Airbnb rental.
Save time
Our Airbnb welcome book templates save you hours of work with pre-made customizable templates.
Impress your guests
A well-designed welcome book can make a great first impression on your guests and set the tone for their stay.
Provide important information
Provide your guests with important information about their stay, such as house manual, local attractions etc.
Save time with a welcome book

Airbnb welcome book templates library

Our templates are easy to edit on Canva and come in 2 sizes with matching business card designs.
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Real reviews from customers using our Airbnb welcome book templates
Amanda S.
Portland, OR, US
"Thank you for assisting me in putting my welcome booklet together. I'm looking forward to working with you on the next project!"
John F.
San Francisco, CA, US
"I was looking for this kind of service when I stumbled on this website. It was very easy to customize my own welcome book. It has lots of useful information."
Samuel B.
Miami | USA
"It was a pleasure to work with you on our welcome book! We were able to create an excellent finished product. You were prompt in recognizing our vision. Thanks
Allan D.
Chicago, IL, US
"The Airbnb welcome book I received from this service exceeded my expectations! Great design and very informative. I love it!"
Pamela .S
Phoenix, AZ, US
"They're fantastic and well worth the money! They even wrote information about the attractions and included pictures. I would use them again in a heartbeat."
Helena M.
Los Angeles, CA, US
"The Airbnb welcome book from this company is AMAZING! I love the layout, the design, and especially all the information. My guests will love it!"
Improve your guest satisfaction

Make a great first impression with an Airbnb guidebook

Imagine how your guests will feel when they arrive for the first time at your property. They will be excited, right? They're about to start this new adventure in a place where they may never have been before, right?

Now imagine how these guests are going to feel when their Airbnb host isn't there at the check-in, but instead, the host has left an elegant Airbnb house manual, with a complete list of things they can do around.

Recommendations for restaurants, things to do, and the Airbnb guidebook even provide them instructions on to use the equipment, etc. Wouldn't that be an incredible experience? That's why you need to create a perfect Airbnb house manual for your guests.
Impress your guests

Airbnb welcome book template FAQ

Our house manual creation service questions and answers
What's the 'welcome book' for?
An Airbnb house manual, or welcome book, is a document that contains information about your listing and accommodation. It helps you to answer any questions your guests might have before they arrive, so they can hit the ground running when they get there.

You DO NOT need to create a house manual for your listing. However, we strongly recommend that you do!
What do you offer?

Our Airbnb house manual solution is composed of 3 services:

  • The templates: You receive 5 different style templates to edit yourself in Canva with a free account.
  • Edition service: We do everything for you, content creation, pictures, research, template customization, etc.
  • Printing service: We offer a booklet printing service, three high-resolution copies delivered to your home.
What do I get exactly?
You will receive our 5 Airbnb welcome book templates. You can also optionally order the full edition service to have us entirely create the content and a printed copy of the book if you want.
Where can I use my house manual?
You may submit it to your listing, send it to your guests, or even better, print it out and leave the lovely book in your home for maximum impact.
What are the benefits of a guidebook?
A well-made welcome book increases guests' satisfaction by letting them know that you have taken extra steps to make them feel at home, which will, in turn, increase your chances of being booked again and get 5-stars.

It also shortens the exchange of information, as guests inquire about how things function in your house, what you recommend doing, how to check out, and so on.
What themes do you have available?
Not only will you receive all of our Airbnb welcome book themes, but you'll be sure to find one that matches your vacation rentals perfectly.

From an Orlando apartment to a beach house or a chalet in the mountains. We've got you covered.
How can I customize my templates?
You can modify the template in Canva at no cost, including text, typefaces, colors, images, and even design.

When you order the Edition service, we take care of everything for you. We create a unique and professional Airbnb welcome book tailored to your listing.
What is your Edition service?

In a nutshell, we handle everything for you and provide a finished product.

We handle all of the research, editing, and content production for you! We pick your greatest photographs, conduct research on eateries and activities to do in your area, and make it personal using online reviews.

We edit 12 pages (12 documents - 8 interior and 4 covers) in total. We also adjust your chosen template to make it look even more professional and attractive!

Do you know what to include?
When choosing the edition service, we research and know what to include in your house manual from your Airbnb listing page and address.

We want the following things from you: a link to your online listing, precise address, contact information, Wi-Fi information, instructions on using your equipment (optional), and original photographs (optional but recommended).
Can I have More details about printing?
You can print your Airbnb welcome book using our service. You'll receive 3 high-quality, attractive booklets delivered to your door. More details:
  • Number of copies: 3
  • Color: Full color
  • Cover Paper Type: 100lb
  • Interior Paper Type: 80lb
  • Finition: Matte or gloss
  • Dimensions: 8.5"x11"
  • Pages: 8 interior + 4 cover
  • US delivery: Free
Please be advised that you'll get a PDF file to print at a local printer or home. We try to provide our clients with a complete service, and our printing service is just one of several alternatives to make things easier for busy homeowners like you.
How many pages are in my guidebook?
You may make your book as long or as short as you like. Depending on how much information you want to include, the number of pages is flexible. However, we recommend 12 pages (12 documents - 8 interior and 4 covers) in total.
I have many listings. What can you do?
If you want a house manual for three or more properties and would like to buy in quantity, please do not hesitate to contact us. We'll be happy to help you.
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Offer a stunning Airbnb welcome book to your guests

Better guest satisfaction reflected by more 5-star reviews
Sure, your house listing has a lot of information about it, but they'll have some concerns when guests arrive. What is the greatest ambiance at a local coffee shop? What is the one secret to getting the dishwasher operating? How should they handle the check-out process?

Instead of leaving these concerns to your guests, why not provide them with a solution in the form of an Airbnb house manual: a book designed specifically for your property and listing.

A book that educates and entertains them at the same time, giving kindness and consideration when providing practical information; after all, you want them to have a good time, and a happy guest means a better review!
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Airbnb welcome book: Addons & Prices

Get Ready-made Airbnb welcome book templates to customize yourself. Complete edition services, including content creation for your Airbnb guidebook & printing, are also available as options.
5 stunning templates
Ready to be customized
  • Access to all templates
  • Update text, pics, colors
  • Easy to edit (Canva/PDF)
Full book creation


  • We do the research
  • Create the content
  • Customize your book
High-quality prints


  • You get three copies
  • Glossy or matte finish
  • Free USA delivery
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Template library

Gain access to our versatile range of welcome book templates, available in both portrait and landscape styles. Each template includes matching business cards for a cohesive design.

  • 5 template styles
  • 2 Formats per template
  • Matching business cards
Edition Service

Let us craft the book for you. We handle it all! From research & content creation to formatting & customization, covering dining, local attractions, transportation, your bio, and more.

Printing & Delivery

Bring your welcome book to life! We'll handle the printing and delivery, right to your doorstep. Just drop it into your rental for your guests to enjoy.

This printing and delivery service is available for the contiguous USA and Canada only. For other regions, kindly arrange printing through a local service.

11 × 8.5
Hard cover
Perfect binding
8.5 x 11 in
Soft cover
Saddle Stitch
Business Cards

Our printing and delivery service ensures seamless handling, shipped straight to your doorstep. Simply place them in your rental to get repeat bookings.

This printing and delivery service is available for the contiguous USA and Canada only. For other regions, kindly arrange printing through a local service.

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