Airbnb Message Templates: The Ultimate Time-Saver for Hosts

Airbnb message templates that have been tested for years, with proven results of simplifying communication, improving guest satisfaction & fetching more 5-star ratings.
Save time and stress
Save a lot of time and stress by taking the guesswork out of what to say to your guests.
Improve communication:
Improve communication by always providing clear, concise, and helpful information at the right time.
Guest satisfaction
Improve guest satisfaction and reach/maintain Superhost status with our Airbnb Message templates. 
Improve your guest satisfaction

Improve guest satisfaction & get more 5-stars

5-star reviews start with 5-star communication. You can't get 5 stars if you don't know how to communicate effectively.

These templates are carefully crafted to help you simplify the process of sharing with your guests so they feel relaxed and excited about their vacation in your rental property.

One thing that makes them happy: An organized and efficient communication process with proper messaging templates. Simplify communication and achieve more 5-star ratings in the future by following these Airbnb message templates.
Improve your guest satisfaction

Subjects of the Airbnb message templates?

With Airbnb's Automated Messages feature, hosts can now automate interaction with guests. We provide you with all of the Airbnb message templates you'll ever need, as well as a step-by-step guide on how to interact with your guests before, during, and after their stay to ensure they leave as happy customers.
  • Check-in & check-out
  • Things to do around
  • Where to eat
  • WiFi details
  • How to ask for reviews
  • Early check-ins & outs
  • About pets
  • And many more
Improve your guest satisfaction

What do our clients say about us?

Real reviews from customers using our Airbnb message templates
Everly Q.
Alabama | US
"Not only did you provide me with some amazing templates, the personal coaching was priceless. This service has saved me time and money!
Zachary B.
California | US
"Nicolas and his team went above and beyond in helping me (and teaching me) how to use the templates!"
Scott L.
Florida | US
I'm very pleased with the templates. They'll be handy, and I'll use them frequently!"
Linda H.
Florida | US
"Your templates were a lifesaver! Communicating with my guests is much easier now. "
Tina D.
Nairobi | Kenya
"Thank you so much for your Airbnb message templates. They're really helpful!"
Spencer P.
Dallas | US
"This is awesome! Your templates are amazing!"
Improve your guest satisfaction

Airbnb Message Templates: FAQ

What are the benefits?
Stop replying to the same inquiries that your visitors ask you every time. You save a lot of time while also making your guest feel special, resulting in higher general ratings.
What do I receive?
You get a well-written e-book with templates and ideas and clear instructions on how to utilize each message. Then, adapt the messages to match your property information. After that, it's merely a matter of copying and pasting.
How do I use the templates?
All of the questions that visitors ask over and over, as well as extra comments that make a genuine difference, such as what to do if it's raining. Simply save the comments and utilize them when the time is right and set up your messages to be scheduled.
Are your messages updated?
Yes, we update the communications as needed. Our messages are used live on hundreds of properties.
Improve your guest satisfaction
Message templates
Tested & proven


  • Save time
  • Get higher ratings
  • Improve communication
  • Easy use: copy & paste
  • Instructions provided
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Benefits of using our Airbnb message templates

Our Airbnb message templates save you time and effort by automating your communication with guests. With our templates, you can reach out to guests 24/7 with all the information they need, including check-in instructions, house rules, and local recommendations.

Our templates are also designed to help you get more 5-star ratings. They are clear, concise, and easy to understand, and they avoid unnecessary small talk.

In addition, our templates are organized by topic, so guests can easily find the information they need. This makes it easy for guests to have a positive experience, which leads to more 5-star ratings.
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Message Templates

Grab your e-book packed with Airbnb message templates, finely tuned and tested for years to streamline communication and boost your chances of earning more 5-star reviews.

  • Improve guest satisfaction
  • Reach Superhost status
  • Save time and effort
  • Communicate with confidence
  • Provide excellent service

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