Grow Your Business & Reach More Guests with our OTA Channel Setup Service

Significantly increase your bookings by having your properties listed on many Online Travel Agencies (OTAs). And manage everything from a single place, like a pro.
Reach more guests
By listing your properties on multiple OTAs, you reach a wider audience of potential guests.
Increase bookings
Listing your properties on multiple OTAs increase bookings. Each OTA has its own unique traffic and customer base.
Save time: 
A channel manager can automatically sync your availability, rates, and other information across all of your OTA listings.
Get your properties on over 10 plateforms

Increase your bookings and Divesify

Channel manager OTA setup increases your bookings by 20%-30% and saves your management time and effort. More bookings mean more revenue and a competitive edge over other listings.

Setting up a channel manager on your own is not simple. Do you have the time and expertise? Do you want to take the chance of making mistakes that might cause your calendars to be incorrect and result in double bookings?

An expert companion at BNBninja can help with all these tasks. By taking advantage of our expertise, knowledge, and skills in this area, we will significantly increase the bookings at your property.
Improve your vacation rental business

Channel Manager OTA advantages

Learn more about our complete CMS setup service
Boost your visibility
Listing on multiple OTAs means wider exposure and higher visibility. As a result, you will be able to enhance your business and give a competitive edge to your property.
More bookings, higher visibility, and increased occupancy rates all contribute to better income. The channel manager setup process ensures that your revenue gets a boost in the long run.
Diversify your revenue
Stop relying on 1 Online Travel Agency. Your revenue will diversify, and your investments will pay off, which will result in an exponential increase in ROI for your business.
Real-time synchronization
Our channel manager OTA setup ensures that your calendars are not and never will be incorrect. In addition, our experts keep a close eye on the listings and ensure that there is no risk of double booking.
Higher occupancy rate
With increased visibility comes increased occupancy rates. When a listing is on multiple OTAs, it increases its chances of getting a reservation, which enhances revenue for the property.
Save time
Manage all your bookings, availability, rates, conditions, etc., from a single user-friendly dashboard. With a channel manager OTA, you can save time and effort.
Competitive advantage
You get a competitive edge over other listings that are not on many OTAs. This is because you can attract wider audiences and give them a better user experience.
Peace of mind
You need not worry about setting up a channel manager or marketing your property. We can help with that. Just let us know what you want, and we deliver.
Increase your occupancy rate

What do our clients say about us?

Real reviews from clients that used our channel manager for OTAs setup service
Alexandros P.
Orlando, FL, USA
"My occupancy went up by 20%, great product and very professional set up team"
Karl M
Fairhope, AL, USA
"I manage all my customer's properties, tours, activities, rental all in one. You don't have to purchase anything else. You pay for your usage. I highly recommend it!"
Andres S.
San Diego, CA, USA
"It has made our life so much easier! I would have never thought it was this easy to manage 108 properties!"
Diane E.
Fairhope, AL, USA
"I was reluctant to hire someone but now I don't know what I would do without the Channel Manager"
Criss B.
Fort Lauderdale, FL
"We are so happy with the Channel Manager. Our bookings have increased by almost 30%"
Jorge G.
Spring Hill, TN, USA
"My team and I truly appreciate your work and we couldn't be happier with the Channel Manager (Bed24)"
Get more visibility & bookings

Channel manager OTA - the FAQ

What channel manager can I choose?
We mainly deal with Lodgify and Beds24, which are, without a doubt, the best options. However, if you want our team to set up another one, please do not hesitate to contact us before purchasing our service.
What's included in the setup?
We open all the accounts and set up your listing on the chosen channel manager platform, add your listings on the different OTAs, connect your listings between PMS-OTAs, and provide training. If you want us to do something else or make changes, feel free to let us know.
What is the cost of this service?
The basic setup costs $399 + $5 per listing. The price includes the setup of your chosen PMS, the connection to Airbnb,, and the Expedia network, including Expedia, VRBO,, Travelocity, Kayak, Trivago, CheapTickets, Orbitz, and other affiliates that specialize in vacation rentals.
The Channel Manager price is NOT included and will be billed separately, per month or year, directly by your chosen Ch.M. You can check the cost of lodgify here and Beds24 here.
What ch. manager do you recommend?
Beds24, with no hesitation, provides flexibility and the most competitive prices in the market for high-quality service and a solid connection.
Where will my properties appear?
Airbnb,, and the Expedia network, including Expedia, VRBO,, Travelocity, Kayak, Trivago, CheapTickets, Orbitz, and other affiliates that specialize in vacation rentals.
Can I expect more bookings?
Yes, of course! When compared to Airbnb alone, our clients have seen a booking increase between 20% and 40%.
What do you need from me?
1) We'll need your contact information, including first and last name, email address, telephone number, business name, business number, business address.

2) The Airbnb login details of your account, not a sub/co-host account.

3) You will have to log in to the PMS and enter your payment details so you can be billed each month or year depending on the plan you choose.

4) You need to have or open a Stripe account and/or a PayPal account. We can not do that for you.
How long will it take?
Usually 7 open days, but it depends on the number of listings you have.
I have special requirements
That's fine, simply click the contact us button in the upper right corner and tell us what you need, we'll be glad to assist.
Very high return on your investment

Why us to set up your channel manager?

Ch. Manager Setup
Full installation
Starts from


+$10 per property
  • Be listed on 10+ platforms
  • Choose your Ch. manager
  • Entire set up by the team
  • Very competitive price
  • High Return on Investment
Click Here to Start!
  • We have experience in this field, having managed more than 800 properties across 5 OTAs. Our work has received positive feedback from our clients.
  • A team of professionals with years of experience that consistently delivers results on time and within budget. Every time, you can count on us to over-deliver!
  • With our channel manager OTA setup service, you get a detailed report of the entire process of installation along with screenshots and step-by-step instructions.
  • We take care of everything so you can focus on running your business and leave the marketing and management to us. Just sit back and watch your bookings grow.
  • With our 24/7 customer support, you will never be in the lurch. If you have any concerns or questions, call us up, and we will get back to you at the earliest!
  • We work with many Online Travel Agencies;, VRBO, Airbnb, etc. In addition, we are always happy to customize our services to fit your needs.
[Payment] - Channel Manager
Setup Service

Opt for our OTA Channel Setup Service to expand your listings across multiple Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) effortlessly.

We'll handle the intricate setup of your channel manager, ensuring seamless synchronization of your property details, rates, and availability across all your OTA listings.

  • Get listed on 10+ OTAs
  • Channel manager setup
  • Listing integation
  • Synchronization
  • Central management

Channel Manager

Choosing a channel manager requires consideration of various factors: pricing, reliability, Google Vacation Rentals & others.

We'll handle the intricate setup of your channel manager, ensuring seamless synchronization of your property details, rates, and availability across all your OTA listings.

Listing Integration

We apply a $10 fee for each listing integration, granting easy management through the channel manager while extending its visibility across more than 10 travel agency websites.

Direct Booking Website

Allow us to build your direct booking website seamlessly integrated with your channel manager. We'll handle the entire setup, including website creation, images, content, property listings, "About Us"/Bio, and contact page.

This additional channel enables bookings without commission fees to third-party travel agency websites. Your website will be fully equipped to accept direct bookings.

Contact Details

Provide your contact details so we can get in touch.


Please review your order details and proceed with payment. We assure secure transactions through our trusted payment processor, Stripe.

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listings to integrate $
Direct booking website $
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