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Airbnb host tips: Best Airbnb tips for hosts

Tips for Being a Better Airbnb Host

Have you been looking for the Best Airbnb Hosting Tips? Stop searching! You've arrived at your final bus stop. This article provides the greatest Airbnb hosting recommendations that you'll find anywhere.

Since its inception in 2008, Airbnb has grown to include millions of Hosts from all across the world. There's a need for proper Guest management in order to ensure efficiency and maximum revenue generation.

Good hospitality of guests is a sure bet to more revenue and a means of getting remarkable reviews about your property. This is key in driving more bookings.

In this post, you’ll get the finest Airbnb host tips. Trust me; these tips will completely assist your Airbnb business.

Priority: Obey Local Laws

Before the publication of any listing on Airbnb, ensure that you check the local laws in your locality.

Check if your landlord or HOA permits you to serve as an Airbnb host. Ascertain the restrictions that might hinder your operation.

As an Airbnb host, this is the most important thing you should know. Though non-compliance with local laws might fetch you higher pays, it’s still safer to go the legal way.

When things go south, you can always rest assured you’re treading the right path. There’s dignity in nobility.

Be Straightforward and Honest

Another crucial element for a prosperous Airbnb listing is being honest to reality. Don’t paint a picture of what’s not real.

Be truthful and straightforward about what you have. If your facility doesn’t have a provision for children to sleep, refrain from listing it.

There’s no point in raising parents’ hopes, and there’ll later discover that there are no extra beds for their kids.

Moreover, if there’s no great landscaping on the balcony, say there’s none and not otherwise.

Is a piece of equipment faulty in your facility? Let your guests be aware of this. Inform them and give them a discount as compensation.

Include plenty of photos

To achieve the best result, add about 30 to 50 good photos (ensure you take different property angles).

Photos of the bedroom, kitchen (clearly displaying the available appliances), and bathroom should be displayed.

Most importantly, include at least a single picture of the exterior for easy recognition by your guests. Don’t be afraid to show off the greatness of your property. It’s your selling point.

Make the Rules Clear

From the onset, rules should be spelled out. As it’s a law for Airbnb’s guests to accept the rules when booking, you should ensure that all relevant rules are included.

Furthermore, rules relating to the community should be visibly spelled out. For example, no noise after 11 PM is among the issues that affect the community.

Your living with neighbors should be a benediction and not a pain. Wild noises at odd hours in the neighborhood can frustrate neighbors, and they might report you to the necessary authorities.

Furthermore, such communal rules can entail the acceptability of babies or pets. In some cases, there might be rulings on odd hours where visits won’t be allowed.

Make Arrival & Check-In Smooth

The guest experience begins with clear-cut directions. When it comes to the scale of preference for taking care of guests, this might be the most crucial one for Airbnb hosts.

Loads of worry and irritation can be evaded if your guests have a smooth arrival to their Airbnb stay.

When giving information on the listing–particularly on how to obtain an Airbnb stay, ensure the instructions given are clear (from the first arrival at the neighborhood to directives on how to go through each door or gate).

By giving your guests the needed directions, they’ll certainly have an easy arrival, and they won’t go missing.

Protect Your Mattresses

This Airbnb host tip may sound obvious, but there’s a solid need to invest in a good mattress cover. Ensure that it’s the type that encloses the mattress. This is necessary to keep the bed sparkling for every guest that visits.

There’s no doubt that an Airbnb without mattress covers is a complete turnoff for most guests. The guests may be silent about this, but you should know that it’s the first thing in their minds. Remember, first impressions last longer.

Create A Guidebook or Manual

Does the washing machine necessitate a detailed four-step procedure to use it? Let your guests know this through a step-by-step guidebook. It’s a win-win scenario for both of you.

You have less worry, and they will appreciate the gesture. In the end, the visit will be smooth for both parties. If every guest has a printed handbook/house guidebook in your Airbnb for perusal, it’s a noble thing.

  • Contact information for the host and their partner (if there are cases of emergencies).
  • Information on where to get additional sheets, cleaning materials, toiletries, and cooking provisions.
  • Manual on how to use the A/C and heating unit.
  • Nearest restaurants, grocery stores, and famous attractions

You can also place the city’s map on a notice board in an Airbnb. Mark prominent notions and attractions that your guests would love to see. Make sure you include a few of their beloved restaurants.

Airbnb Host tips: Communication

Give Guests Space when Needed

While your main aim is to welcome and make your guests feel at home, do not suffocate them. They’re on holiday, and they need adequate time for exploration and sightseeing.

Lest they request you to escort them or give them tourism advice, please let them breathe and give them space.

Stay in Touch when Needed

There’s a need for adequate communication with your guests at the required times. The best form of contact with your guests is to send a message around 24 hours after check-in. This is to check on their welfare.

Furthermore, 24 hours before check-out, another message should be forwarded to put up an agenda for leaving. This permits guests a chance to address any problem with the property towards the start of their stay.

These checkups take the pressure off the neck of the guests as per scheduling check-outs with you on their own. If your guests stay for more than one week, additional messages after the first check-in might be a good idea. Be free to use the method of communication that suits both parties.

Use message templates

To ensure a fast and quick response to your guest, Get our ready-made Airbnb message templates. With these super templates, your guests will marvel at the speed at which you communicate them back.

Always write a review for your guests

This element is very crucial as it serves dual purposes. Firstly, it permits you to give candid feedback that’s necessary for supporting the Airbnb community.

Secondly, it also functions as a prompt for your guests to review you too!

Aspire for the Super Host badge

It’s hard to get a badge of a Super Host status on Airbnb due to some of its requirements.

One of its vital requirements is; possessing tons of guests who write reviews about the impressive experience that got using your facility.

Nonetheless, it’s a very significant and valuable badge, particularly if your flat is located in a standard location with many options.

Being an Airbnb super host comes with some great perks, including:

Priority placement: You’re more likely to show up higher in search, meaning you’ve higher chances of getting booked.

Profile badge: Not only does this make you look better, but come on bragging rights!

Bonuses: If you maintain the status of a Super host, you’re entitled to a $100 travel coupon. In some markets, you’ll get professional photos.

Priority support: You receive preferential treatment when you need to contact Airbnb Support.

Thus, what are the things that can make you become a super host on Airbnb?

The answers aren’t far-fetched. According to Airbnb, you need to:

  • Attain over 4.8 ratings generally Host nothing less than ten stays in a calendar year.
  • Never cancel a reservation, except you’ve got a justifying condition.
  • Never cancel a reservation, except you’ve got a justifying condition.

Optimize your Airbnb listing

On a final note, as a rental property executive, your main aim is to secure bookings. Bookings can’t be secured without prospective guests finding your listing.

The truth is that if you’re missing on the first sets of pages of Airbnb’s search results, there’s a high probability of not attracting many inquiries.

Then how can you create the best listing? BNBninja supports in setting up and provide an Airbnb listing optimization service for maximum benefits.

This means ensuring your listing is attractive and capable of pulling more guests that will search your property.

In short, we’ll help you to improve your search status on Airbnb and enhance your listing’s prominence throughout the year.

Are you still contemplating? Contact us today and see your listing appearing high in Airbnb’s search results!


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