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Vacation rental manager: Find the best property management companies

Vacation Rental Manager:

Are you’re thinking about contracting a property management firm or a vacation manager for your vacation rental? Or you’ve got an extra home, or you just purchased a new property? Exploring new ways to make some extra income?

Vacation Rental Management is all you need. The business of property management has been in vogue for quite a while, but the newest trend taking nations by storm is short-term rental management (popularly referred to as vacation rental management).

Short-term property management is defined as the supervision of the rental, advertising, and preservation of properties.

Though the definition sounds easy, the process is a bit complex. Overseeing vacation and short-term rentals demands a great deal of work.

Numerous property owners choose to outsource these processes to companies that deal in short-term and vacation.

Services offered by property management firms include maintenance of the property in their care, check-in guests, gathering information on the rental rate, and lots more.

What are the mean management fees for vacation rental property?

Most times, it’s pretty difficult to fix an amount for management fees for vacation rental properties. It varies depending on various factors.

The kind of property (e.g., an apartment or a house) and where the property is located are two critical determining factors.

Notwithstanding, there’s the possibility of identifying some distinctive trends in management fees paid on properties.

The more commonly observed rates range from 10% to 40% of the rental income every month. Generally, urban rentals have a lesser management fee for vacation rental property.

The lowest range is often 10%, and it doesn’t exceed 25% in most cases.

When it comes to beach rentals, fees will range between 25% to 30%. Usually, mountain rentals have a greater management fee. The highest being 35% while its lowest is 30%.

Urban rentals tend to have lower management fees. They possess easy accessibility, and when compared with mountain or beach rentals, they require lower maintenance.

What are the common fee structures?

When hiring a property manager or firm to supervise your vacation rental, it’s vital to comprehend how vacation rental property management fees work and how they will affect your rental revenue.

The structure and types of fees you will pay to a manager will vary across vacation rental property management companies.

Hiring a manager to look after your short-term rental properties comes with many advantages.

Nonetheless, ensure it’s favorable for your rental income aims and business before making that decision.

The rate a management company decides to charge for its services will vary. However, three models are prevalent among managers.

They employ these models when calculating the management fees for their vacation rental property.

Vacation rental manager fee models:

Guaranteed income model:

In the guaranteed income model, the property manager pays a fixed monthly rate to the homeowner, even during months when the property has few or no bookings. With this model, property holders are assured of the flow of passive income throughout the year. 

The guaranteed income model has one major catch: unchanging income irrespective of the time of year. Any income earned more than the agreed rate is paid to the manager or management company. 

Fixed-rate model:

If you select a fixed-rate payment model for your manager, you and the manager agree on a fixed, flat fee that the manager will receive every month. Irrespective of the number of bookings per month, this fee is constant.

In times when sales are low, this model could prove to be an imperfect plan. But during the high season, you will pocket all profits made over and above the vacation rental property management fee that you pay.

The shortcoming of this model is the extra management fees added to it. Apart from the fixed fee, a separate management fee exists, which escalates the final price at the end of the day. 

Commission model:

The commission model works on a percentage-based commission that you will pay to the property manager monthly as the rental owner.

This model is famous because the monthly fee is directly proportional to the realized rental amount per month.

Though there’s a hidden fee, it is determined by the precise ratio of the manager’s estimated costs.

It should be noted that the commission rates are dependent on the company or manager hired. Therefore, be sure you’re acquainted with the precise percentage the manager will charge.

Likewise, ensure you enquire if there are any extra fees included or excluded in this percentage they’re charging.

Where to find Vacation rental manager:


CoHostMarket is a platform that links owners of properties on Airbnb with ambitious and expert short-term rental managers.

With CoHostMarket, it’s more a symbiotic relationship as both parties gain. Presently, Homeowners can feel CoHostMarket’s activity in over 190 nations, and the market is rapidly growing.

Vacation Rental Management Association

The Vacation Rental Management Association (VRMA) is a professional trade organization that VRMA established in 1985 in California (Monterey in precise).

It connotes the holiday and vacation rental property management and hospitality industries. With its headquarters in the United States of America (USA), membership benefits include specialized vacation rental managers and industry providers in nations all over the globe.

VRMA offers education, information, and networking prospects. They also promote the importance of the vacation rental practice and energies industry’s professionalism and growth.

The VRMA is the focal point where various experts worldwide convene to communicate, transform and bolster the industry. Associates of this association gain first-class education, networking. And high-class events.

Conclusion: Find the best property management company

In conclusion, there’s a good deal of things to consider when choosing the services of a vacation rental property organization.

A management firm’s marketing plan needs to be fully understood and its general vacancy rates. Most importantly, the vacation rental management company should be accessible via email and telephone without difficulty, have well-defined and reasonable fees.

To cap it all, a vacation rental management firm should be able to highlight a track record of referrals and reviews of their 5-star package.

We believe this article has met your needs. Give your thoughts via suggestions and comments. Kindly drop your comment(s) via the comment box below.


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