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Airbnb photo tips: The guide on how to take impressive Airbnb photos

You're a seasoned Airbnb host and want to take your listing to the next level. You've got great reviews, but you can't help but feel that something is missing. You know it's time for some vacation rental photos!

But how do you get started? Well, there are so many options when it comes to what type of camera equipment to use and where to shoot, so we thought we'd share our tips with you. 

First off, if you don't have a DSLR camera yet (and let's face it - most people don't), no worries! We recommend using your smartphone as long as it has an autofocus feature and can take decent photos.

Taking quality vacation rental photos can make a big difference in your business. There are many ways to take great photos, and we're going to go over some of the best practices for taking impressive vacation rental images. 

How to take Airbnb Photos?

  • Tidy & organize the space
  • Show the space in use
  • Timing & lighting
  • The material
  • Turn HDR on
  • Be honest
  • Stand as far back as you can
  • Shoot from corners
  • Use the Grid (rule of three)
  • Get on your knees!
  • Upload your photos

Airbnb photo tips

Let's go through all of these points in order.

1) Tidy & organize the space

you even take your smartphone or camera. You need to tidy your room and make it inviting for your guests. It's preferable to clear away any clutter that detracts from your major focal points and makes a mess.

You don't need to have premium furniture and top-of-the-range appliances to get noticed. A vase of flowers and a bowl of fruit on the kitchen counter are all you need to bring some gorgeous details to your space through photography.

2) Show the space in use

Setting the scene with a few key pieces of furniture is a great way to add depth and give your viewers a sense of what it's like to stay in your vacation home.

Few Ideas to stage your space:

  • Add a breakfast tray on the bed with coffee cups
  • Make a gorgeous table with what your home has to offer.
  • Outside, place a book and a cup of coffee where appropriate.

You get the idea. Not only does it make your space look appealing, but it helps get the perfect shot.

3) Timing & lighting

Choose the best time of day for your home to get the greatest light. Natural light is your friend and will make a significant difference to the quality of photos you take.

The best times are either first thing in the morning, around lunchtime, or mid-afternoon when a lovely golden glow from the sun is streaming through your windows. When shooting in daylight, I like to turn on all of the lights in space before photographing.

4) The material

The camera: As said earlier, a middle-range smartphone that takes decent photos is enough to get started, but if you're taking Airbnb photos professionally or as a side-hustle, I'd recommend investing in one.

Tripod: When it comes to capturing Airbnb photos as an amateur, I highly suggest utilizing a tripod. It will guarantee that your images are motionless in terms of movement, allowing for maximum clarity. To avoid the camera from moving when you press the button while using a tripod, set a timer before the photo is taken.

Whether you need a tripod for a smartphone or a DSLR, many options and price points are available. But, first, have a look on amazon.

The lens: Clean your lens before taking your Airbnb photos.

5) Turn HDR on

When it comes to photography for Airbnb, one of the most important settings to use is High Dynamic Range (HDR). You may get a great mix of light and dark areas on the same picture by enabling HDR on your phone or camera.

Remember that these settings are different on each phone, but usually, it's in the section called Settings (when the camera is on) that allows you to set your HDR on/off.

Have you ever shot a photo in a space with a bright window? Have you observed how the bright window makes the rest of the room seem gloomy? This is precisely what HDR solves.

6) Be honest

People don't want to stay in a space that has been photoshopped or altered, be realistic and honest with your photos - they will appreciate it. You can remove distractions from the scene as long as you don't change the overall look of the space & Don't hide the flaws.

Guests detest unpleasant surprises, and they may penalize you by posting a negative review if they believe they have been duped.

7) Stand as far back as you can

One of the most important tips on how to take Airbnb photos is to stand as far back as you can (without moving your furniture). In addition, it's best to focus on how much space your camera will capture, i.e., try and fit the whole room in one shot.

Closeup shots tend to be less impressive, and the space will look smaller than it is.

8) Shoot from corners

Another great tip for taking photos is to shoot from the corner of a room. This technique will help you achieve a more professional Airbnb photo and avoid that cramped feeling.

Another advantage is to offer a great perspective of your Airbnb space.

9) Use the Grid (rule of three)

This Airbnb photography tip is all about creating balance and symmetry to make your Airbnb pictures more interesting by turning on the Grid on your phone or camera.

The Rule Of Three is a technique used by many photographers that helps you divide your frame into thirds. It's simple but will give you great results.

10) Get on your knees!

It's not difficult to make yourself more appealing by shooting on your knees (I'm not kidding). You'll be shocked at how it changes the perspective and adds intrigue to your photo.

The angles are not natural when you are shooting from a standing position, and Airbnb photos start looking flat and uninteresting. By kneeling or lying down on the floor, you can take advantage of interesting angles and give your Airbnb photography a more dynamic feel.

11) Edit your photos

Most hosts use their smartphones to take Airbnb photos, which means that many Airbnb users need to know how to edit Airbnb photos.

To keep things simple, we've compiled a list of the top three most popular photo editing applications for your smartphone.

To make things easier, just look for the top three most popular applications, which will allow you to edit your photos right from your phone.

  1. PicsArt (Android, iOS)
  2. Snapseed (Android, iOS)
  3. Adobe Photoshop Camera (Android, iOS)

12) Upload your photos on Airbnb

The size of your images will have a significant impact on how they appear on Airbnb. They will be resized and become grainy if they are too big. If they are too little, they won't look clear.

The most common size recommended by Airbnb is 1024 x 683 pixels. I recommend you double that to 2048 x 1366, maintaining the proportion. Every OTAs reduce pictures to load rapidly, resulting in a minor loss of quality.

To quickly change the dimension of your images, I recommend https://bulkresizephotos.com/en, upload all your images at once, click image dimensions on the left and enter 2048 & 1366. Click start and you're done.

I hope you found this "Airbnb photo tips" post helpful. Please leave a remark below to share any additional tips or ask us questions.


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