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Airbnb Listing Tips | ULTIMATE tips to a successful Airbnb Listing

Are you thinking of ways to improve your Airbnb listing? Here is our "Airbnb listing tips" guide to help you do just that with some great tricks that will increase the number of bookings and maximize the revenue potential making the most out of what you have!

We at BNBninja are constantly asked questions about how to make an Airbnb listing. So we decided to create a simple guide that will take you from being a newbie in the Airbnb hosting business until your listing is at a professional level.

Airbnb listing tips Part 1: Listing creation

How to edit your Airbnb listing?

To modify an Airbnb listing, follow these steps: Go to "Airbnb website" and search for "Listings" in the upper left corner, then pick the listing you'd like to change. You can change your listing right here on this Airbnb listings page.

Notice the five tabs located at the top of the screen, which allow you to modify things. Keep in mind that whenever you make a change to your listing, it is automatically saved. The Airbnb listing process is simple. Just follow the Tabs:

  1. Listing details
  2. Pricing and availability
  3. Policies and rules
  4. Info for guests
  5. Co-hosts

How to create a new listing?

To create a new Airbnb listing, go to your account, check to confirm you're logged in as a host by going to the upper right and clicking your image profile, then click "account." Then at the top of the page, select "Switch to hosting."

After that, you'll see a button at the top right labeled "Create new listing," which you should click to begin the Airbnb listing process.

Airbnb listing optimization tips

Make your listing stand out from the crowd, use all of our resources to make it as attractive as possible. Then, spend some time thinking about what kind of experience you can provide for potential guests that will set you apart from other hosts offering similar amenities and geographical location.

Airbnb listing name ideas

The title of your listing is the 2nd most crucial factor, after the photos. So here are some tips to make it catchy and attractive:

  • Make it clear that your place is available for an event, like "NYC Labor Day Studio Near Times Square."
  • You can even name the Airbnb listing after the location itself. Because people are more likely to click a listing title if they look for an accommodation close to some particular attractions. For example: "Studios near Disneyland Paris" or "Studios near Stonehenge."
  • Create a dynamic title that includes essential information, so your Airbnb listing appears first in search results. This may include things like dates, neighborhood, city, or nearby attractions. For example: "Luxury Lake View Studio available for Labor Day Weekend."

Few Airbnb titles examples:

  • Charming Private Cottage w/ King Bed + Oceanside View
  • Spacious 4 BR Near Disney World Orlando – 5 Min Walk
  • Luxury Beach House Perfect for Romantic Getaway

Airbnb listing description tips

The description is also essential because it tells your Airbnb guests more about the amenities and features you offer.

  • Make sure that you list all the amenities you have, including if there is a TV in every room or just one in the living room, and whether they receive cable or satellite channels. You can also provide information about WiFi quality, if there is air conditioning or not, etc.
  • Write a description that will be valuable to the guests. Your description should answer all questions they may have before contacting you directly.
  • Think of your Airbnb listing description as an ad because it's something that must draw the attention of possible customers and convince them that they should choose your place.
  • You can mention that you will provide breakfast, free parking/WiFi/luggage storage, etc., to make it more attractive for guests looking for these specific amenities.
  • If you provide additional services like tours, make sure to list them in the description.

Airbnb listing photos tips

Airbnb listing photos are vital because they draw potential guests' attention and motivate them to book your place. Heard of the saying a picture is worth a thousand words? A picture is indeed worth much more than a description.

  • A large, high-resolution main photo that is professional-looking and attractive can make a huge difference in driving traffic to your listing.
  • Show off views from the inside and outside the property, including intricate details like a garden or terrace. Also, show the rooms from various angles. This helps you to attract guests and provide them as much information as possible.
  • Use bright lighting and natural light as much as possible because it makes the photos look more attractive.
  • Before taking photos, make sure your place is clean and tidy so that they also look professional.
  • If you have a TV, a fireplace, a terrace, etc., show these features in photos as well.
  • Take photos from different angles and perspectives – high angle shots are also good because it helps to show your house or apartment layout better.
  • Upload photos that correspond with the Airbnb listing name. For example, if your Airbnb name is "Studios near Disneyland Paris," you should have pictures of the Eiffel Tower or other landmarks in France.

Other questions related to Airbnb listings:

How long does it take for an Airbnb listing to appear?

It may take Airbnb some time to review and publish your listing. Reviews for Airbnb listings usually take less than 24 hours.

How to boost Airbnb listing?

There are many ways to boost your Airbnb listing. Let see some of the most important Airbnb ranking factors:

  • Complete each section of your listing
  • Upload enough quality photos
  • Log in & update your calendar frequently.
  • Earn positive reviews will help you to boost your Airbnb listing.
  • Make sure your listing title draws attention and gets clicks.
  • Answer guest requests as quickly as possible.
  • Set your listing to instant bookings.
  • Another thing to think about is the pricing; if your Airbnb listing isn't converting well, Airbnb takes it into account and "penalizes" you.

Need Airbnb listing help?

Here at BNBninja, we offer a complete Airbnb Listing optimization package to assist you in increasing bookings and maintain them coming in at a steady rate. We'll create a catchy title, a compelling description, pictures, and more.

Get professional Airbnb listing help and turn your listing into a booking machine!

How to share Airbnb listing link?

Log in to your Airbnb account and click on "Your listings" at the top right corner. There you'll see all your active listings. Next, click the listing you want to share.
At the upper right, click the eye icon that will open your listing in preview mode.

In the URL, remove everything after the last first numbers. The URL will look something like that: www.airbnb.com/rooms/52009310.

It's also possible to create a custom link by going to Listings > Listing > Listing details. For example, it's easy to remember and looks better when shared on different platforms or your business card.

Now that you have your Airbnb listing link, sharing it!

  • You can share your Airbnb listing on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Make sure to use hashtags like #Airbnb #Travel #Adventure #Trip etc...
  • If you have a blog or any website, you can add your Airbnb link to it.
  • You can even send emails to friends and family with the link in them.
  • I hope this article will help you create the best Airbnb listing for your place. Don't hesitate to contact us if you need any help with your Airbnb listing.

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